Sheger Daily Update

🍴Beyaynetu, Tegabino and Dirkosh Firfir
💵 125, 98 & 105 ETB (including vat)
📌 Mesti Restaurant
📍22, in front of Nu cheka enabuka 100 m through the road in front of mulmul bakery.

❗️Portion size: Enough for three.
❗️Don’t forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds before eating.
❗️Location will confuse you use Google Map 👇

👉 ለአማርኛ ይህን ይጫኑ 👈
— Covid – 19 Status —
Waiters wearing Mask: ✅
Water&Soap at the gate: ✅
#fasting #lunch #forlunch #beyaynet #22 #mesti #enjera @shegergebeta

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