Fiesta Conference Service

Mickie Leland St. NB Business Center infront of Yeshi Buna

The only Ethiopian conference and catering services provider company. Fiesta Conference offer superior management of conference logistics in Ethiopia and the Eastern Africa, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a few complementary services to support your conference team, or for a full spectrum of conference management solutions, the services will be customized to match your needs.


–  Event coordination and show execution

–  Cocktail & banquets receptions.

–  Catering for corporate function, galas, fund raisers.

–  Catering for weddings & special occasions.

–  Camp site catering.

–  Hotel booking & accommodations.

–  Special group rates for air tickets &hotel accommodations.

–  Arrange standard local transportation.

–  Assist conference participants on arrival to departure.

–  Conference staff(secretaries, ushers, waiting stuff, clerks)

–  Duplicate & prepare documents for conferences

–  Arrange conference hall as required.

–  Financial consulting &event managing.

–  Audio visual equipment and technical support

–  Catering equipment’s, tents, earth ware material rental

–  Staging designs, decorations, mechanism and constructions.

–  Exhibitor and Venue logistics

–  Hospitality and destination management services, F&B and entertainment.

–  Supply and installation of hardware, software and items required for the event.