Zefmesh Grandmall

Yeka District, Megenanga RoundAbout, New, Addis Ababa

The Zefmesh Grand Mall accommodates businesses of many ranges like retail stores, service centers, restaurants, Cafes, Hypermarkets, Electronics, International Brands, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Clothing, Shoes, Sports Equipment’s, Toys, Home Appliances, Lights, Furniture’s and So much more. In Less than a year Period ZGM will open a Zefmesh Cinema on the 4th floor, (6 Cinema Halls), Zefmesh HomeDepot on the 5th (a non-stop shop for Furniture), Zefmesh Playground on the 6th floor (Arcade and Soft play center for all ages) and lastly the Food Court (Consisting of Fast Food, Local, International Cuisine) in the Roof on the Current Existing Building.