Amin General Hospital

Bole on the Ring Road, In front of Airport Cargo - Addis Ababa

Amin General Hospital is a health institution established in March, 2012 G.C with a motto of providing a modern, up to date and affordable health care services within the frame work of the national health policy. We have the mission to deliver timely and compassionate medical services to our patients and their families to the highest possible standard through the provision of qualified staff, the most appropriate equipment and staff training programs.

Service/Medical Facilities:

–  Internal Medicine Department

–  Gastroenterology Department

–  Surgery Department

–  Ophthalmology

–  Pediatric Department

–  ENT Department

–  Gynecology Department

–  Clinical Laboratory Department

–  Radiology Department

–  Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Unit

–  TB & HIV Unit

–  Immunization Unit

–  Obstetrics Department

–  In Patient services

–  Pharmacy Department